I'm a downtown Toronto living, beaming dad of two, married to one. My wife and I both work in the television business. Life is fast. We work, seemingly, all the time. But we make the time for our kids. And in between school, brownies, swimming lessons, karate, dance class, birthdays and play dates, we have a great time with each other.

We are a martial arts family. Kathryn, my super wife, has a second degree black belt in Shotokan Karate. And she earned that second degree after our first was born. Maeve, our first born, just earned her yellow belt. I trained Muay Thai for over a decade. There was a few years where I trained boxing, judo, wrestling, Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu. And now it's just Jiu Jitsu, in fact, I just earned my purple belt under Professor Jorge Britto at TorontoBJJ. Zaine starts next month. He's gonna be a monster on the mats.

I also cook for my family. And I cook very healthy. It's all love. I want my kids to grow up big and strong.

This is our life. This is what I write about. It's fun, happy, sad, exciting, crazy and like nothing I thought this would all be.

And I'm lovin' the ride.